India China Partnership

Western Universities or Asian Universities? 


China and India are the fastest growing economies in the world today, and as per IMF forecasting, they are predicted to play a major role in a global arena. Rough Estimates suggest that there already is a massive collaborative partnership between India & China, worth about 60B USD, but it significantly dwarfs the US-Canada trade relations, estimated to be around 200B USD. 


Despite being the largest trading partner of India, trust deficit and lack of cultural knowledge between the two great nations still exists. With time & understanding, both India and China are making serious moves towards making this relationship stronger.  What began with a shared border initially, subtly moved into a culinary passion and further developed into a business collaboration and partnership. 


Besides trade relations, education is one another sector where China and India must collaborate, and nurture the vast talent. With evolution of quality Universities and Business Schools in Asia, now students have option to study in leading Asian Business Schools, which is more relevant in today’s scenario, than studying in the Western Universities, due to immense growth Asia is experiencing, mainly due to China and India. The combined GDP of Asian region is expected to touch half of world’s GDP soon, while Asia has already emerged as a one of world’s biggest recruiter. It is apt time for Universities and Business Schools in Asia to develop collaborative partnership for student mobility, exchange, and research projects.



Chinese Mandarin – The Language to Learn: WREST Corporation strives to bring the very best of everything for its clients. Introduction & Promotion of Chinese Mandarin (one of the fastest growing languages in the world) for B Schools is yet another such initiative. The reason Mandarin is being promoted in India is due to its massive potential in the Chinese economy, and language barrier to conduct business with World's second biggest economy. Despite being the largest trading partner of India, Chinese culture & language is alien to India, a vacuum which Wrest Corp attempts to fill.  


Even though Wrest Corporation promotes Universities in Australia, Canada, India, and the UK to Indian students, we also encourage students to explore options to to study in leading Asian Universities. For any queries on Semester Exchange / Trimester Exchange / Summer Internship or or studying MBA / PGDM Programme from a valuable Indian B school / University, please feel free to get in touch with us, or leave a message


The Writer of this Article holds tremendous experience in travelling to China for Business Development.