Digital Marketing 

A Must for Students of MBA Marketing. 


A Flourishing Industry, with Unlimited Opportunities 

For MBA Students: Besides the Financial Industry, Digital Marketing Industry has emerged as one of Top Recruiters in the World Today. It is vital for students of MBA Marketing to study Digital Marketing and work for a Top Consulting Firm, or a Leading Organization. WREST Corporation can assist you in providing internship in Delhi, Dubai, Toronto, London with a leading organization.


Digital Marketing has become one of the most important platforms for organizations to promote themselves. There is much more to digital marketing, than Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO) and Google Advertising. Below are few additional steps that we have championed to make your business go one up.


Market Intelligence
You should know what your competition is doing, and what the market leaders are doing. Improve your strategy to beat the competition based on real accurate data, rather than mere assumptions. There are various e-tools with which you can scrutinize your performance, but there are other tools as well which can be used to gather intelligence on the competitor like Adbeat, AdGooroo, MixRank, MOAT, WhatRunsWhere, Keyword Spy etc.


You Tube as Marketing Platform
1)You Tube Advertising
2) Right Content and Know what your TG watches
3)Focus on Quality, not Quantity
4) Connect with the Audience
5) Adverts on You Tube


Remember, the first few seconds of a video are most important, and this is where you gain or lose a prospect. The fundamental aim of a video should be to instantly connect with the target audience, while building up your credibility. Your viewers should want to hear what you have to say in your videos and also believe in what you are attempting to communicate.


1) Take a Stand: Monotonous & boring content will always get you less readership and zero comments. Sometimes, you should take a stand on your blog.
2) Trends: Don’t only write on your business, also write on latest trends, and topics and you are bound to attract audience.
3) Ask Questions: Ask your readers a question and request they answer in the comments section. Here are some examples of questions I've asked
4) Thank the Audience: Once you begin getting comments, nurture them. The easiest way to do this is to simply respond to their comments.


Online Reputation Management: 
1) Organizations need to keep a track of what people are saying about their brand online. It is vital for businesses to know, and then respond to conversations that are being discussed online on various portals.
2) Social Media as a SEO Tool: Negative Reviews can have a harmful impact on business, and this issue needs to be addressed.
3) Social Media Platforms: Select a platform where you can efficiently promote your brand to the target audience.
4) Positive Recommendations: Try and share all the nice things that people are saying about your business on social media.
5) Negatives Comments: Be aware of the negative communication that transpires in the online space. This can seriously hamper your business.
6) Listen to Customers: Understand what people want, and offer them something that exceeds their expectation. 

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