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As its tertiary level education places expand, India is becoming a regional host country as well as a leading sending country. India has one of the world's largest higher education systems, comprising more than 350 universities and 16,000 colleges. There is also growing number of private Universities & Colleges in India, which offer high level UG & PG courses. 
India is a very young country, around 70% of population if under the age of 20. With growing influx in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, there is growing demand for higher education institutions in India. The Indian education market is worth about 200 crore, with 12 million students registering ever year. This figure is projected to significantly go up within next 5 years.

With the advent of technology, the world is on your desk with a click of mouse. India is fast catching up in technology; however use of www is growing at the rate of naught. A research conducted by the British Council and HESA recently evaluating Indian institutions for the purpose of trans-national partnership. The top five factors emanating from the research about Indian institutions were as follows:

1) Poor Information Centre
2) Poor Orientation and Student Support System
3) Untrained ground staff and lack of customer centric approach
4) Infrastructure issues
5) Compromising quality, for quantity

Transnational Education
Transnational education (TNE) refers to education provision from one country offered in another. It does not include the traditional international student recruitment market where students travel to another country for their studies. TNE includes a wide variety of delivery modes, including: distance and e-learning; validation and franchising arrangements; twinning and other collaborative provision.
Source of Recruitment

Middle East (UAE, KSA, Oman & Yemen): Middle East has been a traditional market for Indian Universities. Due to huge expatriate population & popularity of Indian education system, Middle East has potential to be one of the biggest source markets for Indian Institutions. 

South Asia (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan): Traditional & Consistent market for Indian Universities. Indian Institutions have the potential to recruit international students, the way foreign Universities recruit in India. 

Africa (Mauritius, Kenya, and Ethiopia):  India has seen increased number of students coming from Africa every year. If good accommodation & support services are offered, Africa could be a huge market for Indian Institutions. Demand for transnational higher education is predicted to increase significantly. By 2018, it is likely that demand for transnational education will be more than the actual student recruitment.