IP University MBA or AICTE PGDM

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, popularly called IP University, was founded in 1998, has more than 120 colleges in Delhi-NCR affiliated to it. IP University's B School on Campus is the most popular and sought after B School, i.e. USMS or University School of Management Studies.

In year 2001, the University was re-christened from Indraprastha University to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU). 

There are various questions which has been haunting perspective MBA/PGDM students like:

  1. Which is better, IP University MBA or AICTE Approved PGDM?
  2. Placement comparison between IP University MBA and PGDM by the AICTE?
  3. Why is Fee of PGDM so high in comparison to IP University's MBA?
  4. Which is better, MBA or PGDM?

Question No. 4: Which is better, MBA or PGDM? We have already answered this question in a separate article http://wrestcorp.com/pgdm-mba.html

Question 3: Why is Fee of PGDM so high in comparison to PGDM?

We'll the IP University MBA is offered by a Govt. Organization (Non Profit) and thus the fee is very economical and affordable. The PGDM is offered by private B Schools, which besides providing quality education, is also profit centric. You may get a MBA degree from FMS, Delhi University with couple of Lakhs only, but a PGDM from XLRI will cost you around 17 Lakhs, while IIM-A charges you around 20 Lakhs.

However due to death of Good MBA Colleges in Delhi, most of the private B schools providing PGDM program are  thus thriving. You will see 90% of B Schools in Top 100, are private B Schools offering PGDM programme. http://wrestcorp.com/b-school-ranking.html

Question 2: Placement comparison between IP University MBA and PGDM by the AICTE?

Most of colleges providing MBA programme, like IP University colleges are bound to charge as per the University Fee Structure, and not exorbitant charges like PGDM. This is a big advantages to students. However on the flip side, since profitability of these B schools is limited, this poorly reflects on Infrastructure, Faculty, and most importantly Placements.

We must have heard a popular phrase, i.e. Army does not march empty Stomach, similarly for successful placement to occur, it is very important that HR Managers from leading Corporates are enticed to recruit students from a particular college, which only happens via Relationship Management and Deep Pockets.

Question 1: Which is better, IP University MBA or AICTE approved PGDM

If you are not able to get into the best IP University College, i.e. USMS, or couple of other top B Schools, you may also explore option for a good PGDM programme, which leads to good placement. If budget is a slight concern, you can always apply for Education Loans, which the Indian government is openly promoting. Remember: You will only benefit from a Good Investment, where you get Good Returns, instead of cheap Investments, where return in Zero.

If Budget a is Major Concern, and affordability is very low, then IP University MBA might turn out to be a good option.