Media & P.R

Reinforcing your BRAND

Now you can propel the impact of your PR campaign by reaching out to the target Audience, with engrossing stories, with an effective pitch. Firstly, establish the profile of your target audience, and then develop a story, which will magnetize their attention. Finally, use the most appropriate communications platform to reach them. 

We have expertise in developing strategic PR campaigns that proliferates engagement, and generates quantifiable results for the brand. Using a combination of traditional publicity, online PR, outreach methods and innovative techniques, we manage to influence the recipient, impacting the hearts and minds of target audience.

Our PR Campaign emphasizes on RIDER Principle, which is:

R          Research: Knowing the TG, Platform, Brand.

I           Innovation: Using new, innovative techniques, to register maximum attention.

D          Delivery Platform– Using the correct platform for maximum Impact

E          Effective Communication: Communication that gets profoundly registered

R          Results: Impact Measurement.