MBA Orientation Programme

MBA Orientation Programme

WREST Corporation conducts Orientation Programme for leading B Schools, Universities, and Colleges around the globe for MBA, PGDM and Management Students. Usually orientation programme commences right before a student enrols for a B School or University. Various B Schools, especially in Delhi, conduct 2 orientation programmes, each year, one of which is to an International destination. Usually B Schools conduct orientation programme from ending July or first week in September.


Aim of Orientation Programme: There are three fundamental aims of the orientation programme, which is

  1. Induce Bonhomie amongst New Students
  2. Prepare Students, Mentally and Physically, for Challenging 2 years ahead
  3. Extract all Inhibitions, Reluctance, Fear, and Develop Confidence to Succeeded in the Corporate World.


Activities: We include a variety of activities which challenges you mind and body. Our speciality is the “Fear Factor” Activity, which is literally a Jungle Warfare, and relished by students of all ages.

Outcome: One of the "Mantra's" to succeed in today's competitive world is to challenge yourself, and stretch your limits to achieve a target. If you are able to sincerely work hard to hit your targets within a stipulated time, without compromising the quality, then you are bound to do well in the corporate job. The aim of this outbound training programme is very much the same i.e. Build a Strong Team, Brainstorm, Strategize, Share Responsibilities, and Execute Plans, without compromising on Quality and Deadlines.