Corporate Training & International Internship


International Internships

Wrest Corp’s International Internship Programme for Global Apprentice gives students exciting international work experiences to work for Fortune 500 and NASDAQ featured companies for 3 months in Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, Cuba and few other European countries.

While students gain practical experience with some of words leading conglomerates, the organizations which host international students benefit by getting smart interns with new perspectives & outlooks especially from India and China. These internships are around 3 months, mostly unpaid, but few deserving students on certain projects, also get paid according to local laws. 

International Internship & Placement Opportunity for MBA Students in INDIA

Which are the leading B Schools in Delhi? Why B Schools in Delhi offering PGDM programmes like IMT, IIFT, Fore, LBSIM etc attract higher remuneration than some of other prominent b schools? Are recruiters in India stigmatized with certain b schools, thus overlooking brighter students in other b schools? 

One of the major factors that gives a great edge to students from prominent b schools is the corporate interface, which includes guests lectures, corporate mentors and most importantly rigorous 3 month internship programme with leading organizations where students are expected deliver results, and not just complete a mere formality.

So far, it’s been only the elite Indian B schools like the IIM’s, XLRI, etc., which provided international internships to its student which gave them tactical edge over other students, thus attracting higher remunerations.

Even some of Top B schools in Delhi providing MBA and PGDM programs like IMT Ghaziabad, LBSIM, BIMTECH, Fore etc don’t provide this International Internship.

Now Wrest Corporation, a leading Canadian based firm has is all set to provide International Internship Programme to over 100 bright students every year, which was traditionally restricted to the IIM’s only.
This global apprentice international programme will be delivered with Fortune 500 and NASDAQ featured companies in US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, and few European countries.

While students gain practical experience with some of world’s leading conglomerates, the organizations which host international students benefit by getting smart interns with new perspectives & outlooks. These internships are around 3 months, mostly unpaid, but 10% of students on certain projects, also get paid.

Now it would be possible for students to work from brands that we have only heard of like General Motors, Ford, Microsoft, Hilton, Goldman Sachs, British American Tobacco etc in their Corporate Offices.

There are lakhs of students who complete their MBA programme each year, but getting a good job remains a challenge. Most of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 B schools only offer an average package of 3-4 lacs, despite high claims.

The rationale for low remuneration could be that Industry is in dire need of skilled manpower which most of B schools have not been able to address. Recruiting untrained and inexperienced MBA students adds to the training & development costs of companies which organizations are now trying to cut.

This international internship programme not only helps students to gain work experience with Fortune 500 Companies, but also provides them with vital corporate skills that have potential to get them in the same league at the IIM’s and other prominent b schools.

Corporate Training Programme?

Corporate Training programme continues to evolve, integrating best practices and styles that have been proving successful across the world. In keeping with the global trends in corporate training programmes, most corporate provide specialized training in various areas to ensure efficient performance from employees. Corporate Training can be conducted in any field varying from Communication, Presentation, Sales, Finance, HR etc.

The concept of providing Corporate Training Programme to Students is a new phenomenon, which ensures that a management student who is set to hit the corporate world get vital industrial training and prior work experience so that organizations spend limited time, money & resources on their training. Corporate Training Programme imbibes management students with vital corporate skills, which makes them highly employable in comparison to other students.

The Corporate Training Programme at WREST Corp comprises of 3 sectors:

1) Self-Analysis: Know your Strengths & Weaknesses

2) Communication & Presentation Skills: Are you Communicating Correctly?

3) Corporate Experience: Minimize training costs for an organization, by providing a platform for

     students to work on live projects, while pursuing your MBA programme.    


How to Find your Ideal Job?

Keep in Mind: A Recruiter is as keen as you, to hire a Good Candidate, who can take their business to a new level. You have the pressure of getting selected in an interview, while the Recruiter is under even more pressure to recruit the right candidate. 

Self-Analysis: Know Yourself. Know your likes and dislikes, and what gets you interested and what kind of work do you enjoy doing. This can be obtained either through Psychometric Testing or Personalized Counselling to determine your interest.

Set a Target: Once you have figured out your interest and a desirable profession, the next step is to set a Target and make a strategy to hit that target. Remember: Never think there are more jobs or greater pay in a particular profession. If you are good at what you are doing, you are bound to succeed. 

How to Hit a Target: For instance, if you have decided to get into advertising industry and become an advertising manager, and eventually a creative director, then your next 2 years at your B School should ideally provide you with a platform, where you can achieve your targets. You can only achieve a target, when you know what you are aiming at?


So, How to become an Advertising Manager

Key Elective at MBA / PGDM Programme: Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC), Advertising, Media & PR, Marketing

Your 3 Months Internship: With an Advertising Agency like Saatchi & Saatchi, Percept Media, where you learn the intricacies of the job, and get the vital work experience. 

Dissertation / Research Work: You must submit a thesis on Advertising Industry, MARCOM sector or Integrated Marketing & Communication approach of an organization. 

Skill Development in 2 years: Creative Skills (Lateral Thinking), Communication (Content Writing & Management), Concept Development.

Basic Software’s you Must Know: Photoshop, Video Editing Software, MS Office Suite

Practise: Generating Conceptual Ideas, Brainstorming, Concept Pitching. Do share your ideas with your faculty, friends, or with us, and we can let you know if you are on the correct path.

B School Support: Your University or B School will have a communication department. You must spend few hours whenever possible for volunteer work, to get vital experience. 

Live Assignment: Develop an Advertisement, A radio Jingle, A Digital Ad, Create a Web Banner, Make a Hoarding, and Write Compelling Content. Wrest Corp will offer you a great change to work on Live Projects, so that you get vital work experience and knowledge of the industry.

Self-Study & Research Work: Take up an Industry, and analyse all brand communication points (Print ad’s, Hoardings, Digital Marketing, TV Commercials, Radio etc.) and learn how they communicate with their customers.

By following these steps you would have learned a great deal about an industry, through theoretical knowledge provided at your B School and practical knowledge provided jointly by Wrest Corp and your Institution.  Whom do you think you would like to recruit if you were a HR Manager, a student who has vigorously spent 2 years studying and working in the Advertising Industry or a student who has studied everything, and not sure what he wants? 

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