Psychometric Testing

Check your Aptitude with Psychometric Testing, conducted in association with our North American Partners.

Psychometric Testing is a vital platform for organizations to quantity & distinguish between individuals in the selection process. Sometimes, online tests are used at the beginning of the interview process to offer pre-placement offers deserving students. However, on most of the occasions the result will only form a part of the selection process.

When do you need Psychometric Testing?

1) Are you confused about which programme to choose? For instance MBA or PGDM, Mass Communication or Advertising, Journalism or MARCOM?

2) Not sure about which specialization to choose during your MBA / PGDM programme?

3)  Cannot figure out if a certain specialization / course will suit your interest?

It is very important that you must enjoy your profession. If you enjoy your work, you are bound to do well in your career. However if you do not enjoy your work or find it boring / stressful, then your enthusiasm for your work will  slowly go down, which will affect your career and growth prospects.

WREST Corporation, a Leading MBA & Education Consulting firm has tied up with a major North American Organization to provide Psychometric Testing to all MBA / PGDM & other students. Get in touch with us for assessment, followed by personalized counselling. Your counsellor could be based in Delhi, Dubai, London, Toronto or Sydney.