Strategy & Innovation


"We don’t Follow, We Inspire"

Times are changing, and now it all depends on how you choose to promote your organization, which can make a massive difference to number of customers, and ensuing revenues. If you continue to adhere to traditional marketing strategies, there are chances that your competitor might be run you over. It’s time you move on to innovative marketing, where our consultants have strong experience assisting companies to build their brand, and promote organizations in most innovative & economical manner. 


There are three ways to excel in saturated markets

  1. Quality Leader: Teaching or Research Excellence / Fantastic Products or Services
  2. Cost Leader: Economical Programmes / Products or Services
  3. Service Leader:Excellent Services, Customer Satisfaction, Graduate Prospects, Auxiliary Service etc.

Before venturing in a business / launching a programme or service,  it is vital to know the basics. Follow the basic eight step, and your programmes is bound to succeed.


  1. Programme Description: Know the scope of your programme / service and set an optimistic and pessimistic target.
  2. Environment Scanning: Use PESTLE analysis to get going.
  3. Industry Background: Research about the sector where you are launching a new business / programme. You should know the Sector, Revenues, Key Competition, TG etc very well.
  4. Self-Analysis: Knowing your strength, weaknesses, brand value, perception of your brand, pre-launch research with TG is vital
  5. Competitor Analysis: Know what your competition is doing. Not just media scanning, indulge also in people scanning.
  6. Target Audience: Define a TG, and explore the most optimum way of reaching out to your TG. 
  7. Marketing Strategy: Innovation in Strategy, Media Planning, Media Buying, PR, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing Approach, Viral Marketing, Event Management etc.
  8. Budgeting / Financial Planning: Set a Budget, and plan your finances.         


For a Compelling Marketing Strategy,  its always advisable to Brainstorm amongst the Team Members to get all possible ideas on the table, before launching any campaign. A Test Run must essentially be conducted on the Target Audience, before a campaign launch. 
To get a free demo on how "Strategy & Innovation" can boost your business, please get in touch with us. We have expertise in strategic and innovative campaigns, which sets us apart from others. 
Be Assured- “We don’t follow, We Inspire ”