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UK Higher Education Scenario  

Marketing of higher education is a well-entrenched macro process today, especially in the major-English speaking nations i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. One of the major factors behind the worldwide evolution of educational marketing could be a result of globalization, which has dramatically shriveled the world. Due to intensifying competition for overseas students amongst MESDCs, i.e. major English speaking destination countries, higher educational institutions recognize the significance of marketing themselves, in the international arena. 


Amongst the five major English speaking destination countries, the United Kingdom is the second largest source market for international students, after the United States. The latest data (2002-03) indicates that there are over 270,000 international students in UK higher education, generating over £1.2 billion per annum, in fee revenue and add over £2.5 billion gross addition to the UK economy. 


In addition, there are nearly two-hundred thousand international students following UK higher education programs delivered in their own countries (Bohm et al. Vision 20-20.). The UK government has sponsored various initiatives to multiply international students, with the ambition to become the leading destination country, for international education. However, the gap between the United States and the United Kingdom appears to be increasing, as seen in the table. In 2002, the United Kingdom managed to attract 23.6% of the international students globally, whereas the USA attracted more than double than that of the U.K, with 58.4%. Between 1997 and 2002 the UK’s relative market share declined by 3.1%.  


Even though Canada and Australia achieved the highest compound growth rate, they still lag behind the USA and the UK in terms of the total student number. However, in terms of the overall growth rate, Australia and the USA have experienced an extensive success. This continuing strong growth in overseas student numbers in the USA and Australia is due to the sustained pro-active and aggressive marketing strategies of the USA and Australia in the international markets for education) while the UK is behind in terms of its strategic marketing policies.