How to Find a Good B School?

Be Aware of Dicey Consultants

India is host to maximum number of b-schools in the world, and with this escalating pace, India will overshadow the world soon in quantity, but probably not in quality. It is important for students to differentiate between a good b-school, with a commercial b school, set out to ruin the career of innocent students. These commercial oriented b- schools are smartly supported by education agents, who are not even mere graduates, and misguide the students for a small monetary gain. There are also few good professional consultancies as well, but they mainly cater overseas education, and not the domestic clients.

Before visiting a Consultant, remember to check the credence & profile of the counsellor: Do check their level of education, the kind of University they studied from, their professionalism, style of communication, work experience etc. If a consultant is pressing you on some particular college, ensure you cross verify that MBA institute or University, before making a decision. If you are not sure about the B Schools you are selecting, below are five ways to evaluate a b-school yourself.

1) Feedback from Students: Now, this can really shape your decision. Ensure you are not taking feedback from students planted by the college. You must also ensure that you don’t take feedback from the back benchers, who usually are disinterested in college & themselves. You can always visit the facebook page of a college, and randomly ask few students, that have liked that page.

2) Talk to a Faculty: Talk a senior faculty from that college (not related with admissions), and also have a word with a different faculty from some other college. They can surely give you an insight.

3) Consult a Placement or HR Recruiter: If you know some HR firm or HR Executive from a recruiting company, they can give you the best feedback.

4) Check the Placement Cell: Go ahead and talk to placement cell at your b- school. Ask them about average placements, highest placement, and what to expect post your management programme.

5) Wrest Corp: If you still are not able to make a decision, and need assistance in finding a good college for yourself, you can always contact the Edutancy Service of WREST Corp Team and we would be happy to guide you. 
If you based in India, you can write to us at, or connect to one of our counsellors at 9958264635. For Australia, UK, UAE or Canada, you can mail us with the country name, followed by You can also visit

Additional Support for MBA Students: 
Wrest Corp has been very active in contributing to the educational development of students at both UG and PG level, by emphasizing the importance of education and skill based training. Analysing the skill set of students is a forte of Wrest Corp, which ensures students pick the right profession, based on their interest and excel in future. Wrest Corp also specializes in providing Psychological Counselling and Aptitude Testing for students.