What Corporates Want


Getting a job after MBA is not a difficult task, but getting right job, with a good brand, and most importantly with a profile which matches your skill set is very important. 

Now, the corporates are gradually changing their attitude, and look forward to recruiting not only all deserving academically brilliant students, but also students who are job ready, and are ready hit the market, with their zeal, enthusiasm and vigor. One must also remember that if a job profile matches your skill set & interest, one is bound to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. Remember, a happy and exalted mind, has great potential to succeed.

While the Indian job market is getting adversely affected due to the global economic uncertainty, it is vital that not only prospective management students, but also employees must polish their skills, to compete in this challenging market. A management graduate must be prepared to play a significant role right, once they join any organization. Students must refrain from saying 'I know it all'. One must remember that 

“Knowledge is important, but Experience is the mother of all knowledge”. 

Corporates sometimes prefer hiring fresh innovative minds ready to learn and adapt quickly, as they don’t have to re-learn, like some of experienced candidates. 

So what do Corporates actually want?

1) B School Brand: Even if you are not from top notch b schools, you still can impress your recruiter with your B School. For Example – you can write MBA – University of Strathclyde, UK or you can also write as MBA-University of Strathclyde, UK (World’s Top 20 B Schools). 

2) A Compelling CV: A recruiter only takes 20 seconds to decide if they want to call you for an interview. Be different, but be clear and concise.

3) Communication Skills: If you can’t speak or express yourself well, don’t expect to progress to the second round. You can improve with skills through specialized programmes delivered by Wrest Corp with its partner institutions.

4) Corporate Interface: This includes your work experience or internship, you IT skills like ERP, MS Office, Digital Skills etc.  

5) Subject Knowledge and Professionalism + Attitude: You should know how all have you spent 2 years in Business Education.

6) Additional Skills: That’s what will give you an edge over others. This could be any extra circular activities, Sports, CSR initiatives, Digital Networking etc.

7) Lastly, be very well prepared to answer few questions


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Why should we hire you

Your biggest strength and weakness.

Your biggest accomplishment and regret. What have learned from your failures?