Working @ WREST Corporation

Best MBA & Education Consultant in Delhi - Dubai - Toronto - Sydney - London

The HR Department at Wrest Corp provides a variety of services from a centralized location to its staff across global locations. The Department works meticulously with HR duties, and plans HR policies & procedures to support our objectives of being an excellent recruiter.

Our recruitment team creates a record on the Wrest Corp’s job vacancies and publishes on leading recruitment portals. Our Corporate Division provides an assortment of training and development opportunities for all staff members, while ensuring Equality & Diversity in the team. 

Wrest Corp's envisions itself as a community that appreciates and supports individuals who desire to contribute to, and benefit from our missions of teaching, research, performance, and community service. Wrest Corp is an equal opportunity player. Promoting the human dimension of development in an era of globalization has become one of our top priorities. If you are committed, creative professional, are passionate about making a lasting difference for institutional development & are comfortable working in a challenging environment, Wrest Corp would like to hear from youa.